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Support the Hanahana Circle of Care Today!

At Hanahana Beauty, our mission is to bring humanity into the beauty industry. This year our goal is to raise $65,000, to sustain + scale our impact through the hanahana circle of care. 

Your Donation will support our 2022 Social Impact efforts to provide:
    • Bi-Annual healthcare days through 2023
      • Hanahana Beauty will host 4 bi-annual healthcare days in the Katargia neighborhood in Tamale, Ghana
    • Infrastructure and Katargia neighborhood improvement projects like clean water storage
      • Starting with, building clean water storage for shea making to funding projects for increased sanitation
    • Our healthcare education series
      • Our Circle of Care hosts monthly healthcare education sessions with the cooperative that focus on topics like screening for breast cancer, nutrition, physical therapy, and more
    • Support for our team on the ground in Tamale

      • Self sustainability doesn’t stop with the cooperative. We pay all members of our social impact and outreach teams on the ground in Tamale a living wage

    Our Sustainability Promise

    At hanahana beauty, we are committed to consumer transparency and to improving the economic, environmental, and self-sustainability of women of the shea trade in ways that put your skin and our planet first.

    Our Products Will Always:

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    Include clean, ethically sources, + better for your ingredients
    Our raw shea and all natural oils are all ethically sourced from woman-led cooperatives in Ghana and handcrafted in Chicago, Il.

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    Be cruelty free
    Our products are never tested on animals and safe for all skin types.

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    Pay 2x the fair trade price for shea butter sourced from Tamale, Ghana
    We pay twice the fair trade rate for all of our ethically sourced shea butter to ensure that our producers are paid fairly.

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    Benefit the Hanahana Circle of Care
    We created a bottoms up approach to address the needs of our shea producers. Learn more here.