10 days for $10k!

  • $500.00

We are fundraising $10,000 (10 days for $10k!) for our fourth bi-annual healthcare day to serve the women and families of the Katariga Collective and we want you to be a part of making this possible!

At Hanahana Beauty, the health, sustainability + representation of Black women globally comes before all else. We are excited to hold our fourth bi-annual healthcare day for the Katariga cooperative in Tamale, Ghana on October 17th + 18th. This year, the Hanahana outreach team in partnership with the Drive For Health Foundation will host a Katariga neighborhood clean-up + healthcare day. We will be providing essential screening ranging from diabetes and malaria to physical therapy + prescribed medication. This healthcare day will directly address the health + wellness of the women in the cooperative and for the first time the shea pickers and farmers and their families in the Katariga neighborhood. Help us reach our goal to serve 500 people with your donation today. 

The Hanahana outreach team, led by Nat Quaison RN, is a team of 11 nurses, 3 doctors, and a physical therapist from the SDA Hospital in Tamale, Ghana. 

Learn more about our social impact here!