a letter from our founder

We’re 4 years OLD, a whole preschooler.

What a beautiful journey it has been these past four years. To think only 4 years ago, I was in my kitchen making shea butter in the mornings before teaching and coming home to night making + packing sessions after grad school. I have so much gratitude for the hanahana community for how you have been able to support hanahana beauty, from sharing, purchasing, donating, attending events, and to all the things. From the beginning our vision has been around disrupting the beauty space and now as a team, we will continue to grow + scale in ways that create sustainable paths for everyone involved. You know it; from the producers, we source from all the way to YOU the customer, we are looking at how we can create access, be transparent + sustainable in how we create.

So thank you to my team, my family especially my parents, friends,and of course YOU for supporting hanahana beauty. To more years of feeling smooth + confident and to being 4ever not ashy!

Stay smooth + confident,

Abena Boamah-Acheampong
Founder + CEO