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Update 9.8: Due to the current high volume, orders will be processed within 8-11 business days. Thank you for your patience.

Product Questions

1. Does Hanahana test on Animals?

  • No way, all products are only tested on people. 

2. Okay but are all of your products vegan? 

  • Our shea body butter and black and brown scrub are vegan products. 

3. Is it safe to put the shea butter in my hair?

  • Yes, the oil is the shea body butter can be nourishing for your hair. The shea butter can be used for detangling, its the perfect addition for a deep conditioner and hair moisturizer. Always check the ingredients for your personal use. 

Wholesale Distribution

1. How can I start a wholesale account with hanahana beauty? 

2. Are your products sold in stores?

  • All products are currently sold online only on hanahanabeauty.com 

Order Questions 

1. Is Covid-19 affecting your shipping? 

  • We are still experiencing some delays with USPS due to COVID

2. Can I edit my shipping address? 

  • Please email customerservice@hanahanabeauty.com with your order number and new address as soon as possible! We will try our best to process your request! If you have received a tracking email, unfortunately, your order has been fulfilled and is on its way to the address entered at checkout. You can try contacting USPS directly to intercept the package

3. What if I need to modify my order?

  • Regretfully we are unable to modify your order once placed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

4. I haven’t received my tracking email?

5. I got my shea, but I want a different scent, can I return my product?

  • All sales are final, we lightly scent products so you can always mix your essential oils with the butters. But if it's just not for you we would love it if you gifted it to someone else. 

6. My shea came a little melted, can I still use it? 

  • Yup it's perfectly fine, sometimes melting happens depending on travel and temperature, here are 3 ways that you can use it:
    • Let it sit in room temp to solidify
    • Melt it down ( over water) and then let it solidify in room temperature -- it won't be a whipped consistency but it will still do the job
    • You can also do a meltdown process, stick it in the fridge, and use a small hand mixer to whip it.
    • Still, need ideas? Email us at customerservices@hanahanabeauty.com 

7. I think I received the wrong product?

8. Is there a order limit per product?

  • Yes, order limit of 2 per each individual item, orders that exceed will not be accepted.

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